NHS Reforms.


The NHS Reforms have created an issue at the fore of British politics today. The Health and Social Care Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation from the coalition government.

It is controversial for several reasons. It gives GPs and other clinicians more control over NHS spending in England. This will encourage greater competition with the private sector. The private sector refers to the section of the economy which is run by private individuals or groups and it is not controlled by the state.

The Labour Party believe that this increasing privatisation would come at the cost of the care of patients. Many MPs opposed the plans last spring, and so the bill was put on hold. Some changes were then made to the Bill, and the revised version passed through the House of Commons.

However, the bill then faced even more opposition, just before Christmas, when it was opposed outright by the royal colleges of nurses and midwives.

Labour are urging for the bill to be dropped altogether, so a series of fresh amendments have been created which aim to tackle the concerns of its critics.

However, it is not just Labour who are calling for the dissolution of the legislation. There are deep divides within the Conservative Party over whether the bill should be passed.

So, what do you think? How important is it that the NHS remains a governmental organisation and service?


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